Friday, January 18, 2013

Just Do Better

Happy New Year and all that great stuff!  Can we please go ahead and discuss this notion of what people call communication or effectively communicating!?  Ugh!  The frustration is almost  . . . almost unbearable. But, there is this great thing called blogging that allows us writers to scribe whatever the hell we so please. So let’s dig right in, shall we . . .

DO NOT communicate with me in third person! This means via your Facebook status or any other form of social media (pick one).  There are these things called cell phones (and house phones) if you still possess one, that you MUST pick up and use to call me to express your train of thought. Then, we can go from there and assess what may or may not be wrong. Don’t make assumptions that my status is about you.  Usually, when you do, that means that you’ve just been run over (hit dog).  If I respect a relationship/friendship enough to call and discuss, then you will too.  It is just one standard that WILL remain a part of my life.

RETURN all phone calls and text within a specific time frame.  Typically this means that you may not want to continually update your social media statuses and then decide to call me back or return my text messages (days or weeks later).  Understandably, our days and life can get the best of us, but in most cases I am being intentionally ignored.  It means only one thing to me: I am not important enough for you to take seconds out of your thumb key typing speed to text or call back (push the green button).

KEEP ALL MOODINESS away from me, specifically as I relish in the contagiousness of my joy.  Recently I’ve had some great things happening in my personal and professional life and I want to shout about these blessings to the world or at least through the phone with those closest to me.  However, if I in anyway, feel as if though your disposition is displeasing and not receptive to listening about my good (no matter if you are going through your bad), I keep it moving. *cue mean mug and deuces*

STOP COMPARING YOUR LIFE TO MY LIFE because they are OBVIOUSLY different.  This means always having to ‘one up’ me in the conversing of damn near everything, from children and education to new blessings and tough fought hardships.  I will always be able to foster creative ways to better myself, therefore, stop trying to infringe upon me your bitter, emotional baggage. Ugh!

Pictured above is the January 2013 affirmation that I wrote across my wine calendar and shall continue to do so for the remainder of this year and those to follow.  Read it and adhere to it, “I determine my own happiness!”  Say it with me now, “I determine my own happiness!”  Hopefully, you all feel a bit better (not bitter) and will first, examine how you can be a better communicator and then, continue checking (constructively, of course) the inconsiderate individuals that refuse to acknowledge their ineffective communication practices. 

You can guarantee to have at least one reflective, motivational, inspirational or how you deem fit to term it, post from me each month as the year progresses with a monthly affirmation written across my wine calendar.

So, just as I started this post, Happy New Year and Salute to effective communication and uncorking new and familiar bottles of wine as well as unpaved  journeys in life.   

Oh and seeing that I am a resilient Falcons fan, Rise the Fudge Up!


San, The Red Head

What are some of your glows and grows of being a great communicator?