Monday, August 22, 2011

{Field Trip} Carpe Vino

Everything but the bottle of wine

Carpe Vino "Sieze the wine"! I wanted to share a quick post with you all about my field trip find on Saturday.  Yes, field trip.  Whenever I set out on retail ventures, I often find a bargain or two...or three. Hey, it's in my blood line.  My mother can find a clearance, sale, or a great deal just about anywhere...and I mean anywhere. My field trip adventures with my two favorite girls (my nieces) to our local Target welcomed me with dollar spot treasures.  If you can't tell by now, I am a wine-head (red preferred, but all is welcomed) *winking*.  When I came across the wine themed set and accessories, I literally screeched like a child...from pure excitement mind you.  I've been wanting to throw a little wine soiree for my close girlfriends for quite sometime and these wine themed field trip finds would make for great favors.

Wine buckets embellished with various grape varietals  

Wine charms, foil cutter, and wine key

    Wine bags

I purchased the wine journals, buckets, and bags in sets of six, two sets of wine charms, one foil cutter and wine key all for just . . . $22.  Not bad at all for my Saturday field trip find.  

Have you purchased any wine themed items or accessories lately? Were they used to entertain, as gifts, or to simply add to collection of wine paraphernalia ?

San, The Red Head

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