Friday, June 10, 2011

Launch Night

Some of the wine bottles from taste test
and long work days

Lap top and cocktail manual ready

It has been nearly three weeks since we launched here on Blogger and the reception has been Ah-Ma-Zing!  We are nearing 100 followers on our Twitter page, 50 on our Facebook page, and are continuously inspired to partake in libations to keep all of our readers and fans involved and educated…of course *wink*.  Yes, to some those numbers may be small; however, I know the numbers are going to steadily increase day by day and week by week as we continue to build our brand.  The launch night was full of cocktails and a bona fide excuse for me to use some of the glassware that I possess.  I may be considered a “glass hoarder” to some, but I prefer the term “collector” of glass/drinkware *smirking*.   

Mimosas with fresh cut peaches and breakfast
SN: "Is that the remnants of a Steelers cup in the background?"
says the Falcons bueno

 Moscato with fresh cut peaches

We started the night as we would most any other time we get together with glasses of libations.  The first cocktail for the evening was Cruz Garcia Red Sangria with fresh fruits served in a red wine and hurricane glasses, then we progressed to a glass of Korbel Sweet Rosé served in my stemless Champagne glasses, next up on the drink list was a quartet of martinis.  Jose Cuervo Tequila served as the base for all four bevvies and each were mixed in a cocktail shaker with different juices: (1) Pomegranate Lemonade, (2) Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade, (3) White Grape Peach Juice, and (4) Citrus Punch.   
 All four of the cocktails based with
Tequila and a variety of juices

 Sweet Rosé

The favorite of the four concoctions was the Tequila and Pomegranate Lemonade.  As the libations begin to flow, so did some of our “slightly inebriated perspectives” about music, relationships, friendships, and food.  The night was not without eating and the meal consisted of a Mexican theme with turkey, shrimp, or fish tacos, Mexican rice, white cheese dip, salsa, and Tostitos addictive Hint of Lime chips.  We kept technology close by (RIP to the phone in rice) and were in finger taps of a live tweet up for the launch as well as keeping the fans in the know on our Facebook page.  The next morning we started with a huge breakfast and a Risata Moscato d’ Asti mimosa followed by glasses of Sutter Home Moscato with fresh peaches and lunch conversation.  EVERYTHING was perfect and a true sign to humble beginning of the Ladies n Libations brand. 

  Red Sangria with fresh 
cut peaches, red apples, and a naval orange

Shrimp taco with Rosé

Who collects glass/drinkware? What are some of your favorite cocktails to have on a ladies night in or on a fellas night out? 

San, The Red Head 


  1. Very delicious looking drinks! Congrats on the launch of your new blog, ladies! I'm expecting great things from you all.

  2. Thank you Tony! We are looking forward to gracing the world virtually and personally with our up and coming brand.