Friday, June 10, 2011

The Workout

I'm trying to lose weight. I have to admit, this it the heaviest I've ever been and I cannot stand it.  I’m trying to lose weight. I have to admit, this is the heaviest I’ve ever been and I cannot stand it. It’s so easy to put the weight on, but extremely hard to get it off. I recently bought a treadmill and told myself I would walk on it every day. That was a lie! I do get on and use it, just not as much as I should. I have to give myself credit however; at least I don’t use it to throw my clothes on it. It’s taking me a lot to get motivated and my will power is not the strongest, but I did something today that may not be a big deal to most people, but it was a big step for me, I left my house to workout. See, you have to understand me and my excuses; Yes I said excuses, for not working out. 

First, I don’t want to leave my house to workout because I have to tote my 3 year old son along and he can distract me. Second, it’s either too hot or too cold to go outside and walk. Let’s face it; this Georgia weather can be very tricky.  Third, gym memberships are too expensive and the ones that are affordable, have no options for child supervision. These excuses are just a few I use on a daily basis, so you can see why doing a real workout was a big deal for me. My friend Tranae told me about a group workout, that is free and because it is at a middle school track, the kids can ride their bikes and play freely, but it was outside. I knew I would have to compromise on something, but I actually enjoyed it, not the actual workout itself, but the atmosphere. It started in the early evening, so we had some sun but not too much. We were able to move at our own pace without feeling rushed and even when we did our drills, we all complained a little bit, so I knew I wasn’t the only one sweating and hurting. Everyone was very encouraging of each other and had great personalities. I actually felt good when I left, even though my muscles would disagree. I'll definitely go back, although I won’t be able to go after I get my hair done this week, excuse number four!  I think I’ll have a glass or two of Moscato to celebrate! 




  1. Congrats, Jennifer! Stay committed to your workout. By the way, how you look right now is quite sexy to me, but if you want to get even sexier for me, I'm certainly not going to stop you! I ran across some exercises the other day that people can do without having to go to the gym, and they are quite beneficial exercises and easy to do. I will have to forward those to you. Good post!

  2. Here are the exercises that I was referring to in my previous comment: