Monday, June 20, 2011

Support Bra

As I sit here in the middle of my bed, it’s 11:24 pm, I’m drinking a glass of wine and talking on Skype to my two best friends Nae and San. I love these conversations, because we honestly start out with a specific purpose, i.e. brainstorming, planning or working, but we end up on another level. We definitely stray away from the plan. But hey, we wouldn’t be friends if we stuck to the subject. It’s moments like these that make us forget the problems in our lives. With all of the trials we face as individuals, it’s very refreshing to have two friends that can make them all go away, even if it’s only for a moment. That’s the true meaning of friendship, having someone that can make you laugh when the skies are raining on your head and you feel like you’re about to drown. We each have reached our own personal breaking points and we lean on each other individually to vent and let it all out, but I believe that it’s when we get together collectively, whether we’re in the same room or on Skype that the magic of our friendship happens. We can take one of our toughest moments and make it into a comedy special and laugh at each other and ourselves until that moment seems so long ago. I thank God everyday for these two ladies, their my BRA’s and with these 42DDs, I definitely need a lot of support!!



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  1. This post is almost as beautiful as your breasts, Jennifer! Lol! Very good post. Seriously, this is a really beautifully written post that came straight from your heart.